Backlog Grooming in 5 minutes

Aaron Rackley~March 22, 2018 /Scrum

What is backlog grooming?

Backlog grooming (backlog refinement, backlog management) sessions are an opportunity to:

Below is a list of common activities that occur but are not limited to during a grooming session

Who is involved in backlog grooming?

The backlog grooming session should include the Product Owner and some, or all of the rest of the scrum team. Usually, the session should not take up more than 10% of the development teams capacity.
Stakeholders can be part of the grooming session but it is best to limit their numbers.

When should a backlog grooming session occur?

Timing the grooming of a backlog to happen a few days before a sprint planning session can leave everyone familiar with the backlog and also give the team some idea of the goal for the upcoming sprint.

You can read more about Scrum and its events over at the official site.

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